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Elixirs For Hangover Eyes

Your 9am eyes don’t have to betray the night that went before


Creams come true

Even if you roll in to bed at 3am with half a felt reindeer antler in your hair and some tinsel in your bra, slather on a bit of eye cream first. For these heavy-duty occasions, we’d recommend Darphin’s Exquisâge Eye and Lip Contour Cream. It’s a thick, slightly unctuous cream that really feels like it’s doing the job. Your next-morning self will thank you. £50,

Darphin exquisage eye cream

De-puff daddy

If your go-to for calming down puffed up eyes is a cold spoon under each one, we’re vouching for this slightly more scientific alternative. We’re talking about Perricone MD’s lightweight De-Puffing Eye Gel, which practically melts on contact with the skin to cool, hydrate and calm things down. No more cutlery. Deal? £60,

Morning dew

We recently harped on about the rejuvenating powers of algae (underwater magic, baby!), and skincare wizards Malin + Goetz are onto the same thing. Their luxe Revitalizing Cream harnesses those same organisms and peptides to address fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and that ever-diminishing firmness *sobs*. £85,

Secret keeper

If dark circles are the devil in your skincare routine and a late night makes them worse, dip your finger into Medik8’s Dark Circles Eye Awakening Concealer. The serum harnesses mineral pigments that help bounce light away from the area while sorting out uneven, sallow skin. Particularly handy pre-work. £36,

Clever thing

It’s the nifty little applicator that does it for us with this Teoxane R[II] Eyes cream, because it looks like a tiny iron. Borrowers-esque frivolity aside, this is a properly hydrating, soothing solution which contains hamamelis extract – a draining and decongesting agent to help alleviate poor circulation. And hangovers. Probably. £48,

teoxane eye cream

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