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Nail your vacation

Give your nails a well-earned break with the most summery, escapist shades


The Maldives

Why bother going to the Maldives when you can get the same effect by looking at your hand? Alright, not QUITE the same, but this duo of mermaid shades conjures enough images of gin-clear waters to pep up your commute a teeny bit. Bonus points if you can draw tiny little starfish over the top. In fact, forget bonus points, just get in touch and let us know how you managed this. £15, Nails Inc.


If you’re dreaming of an other-side-of-the-world vacay then this calls for Def-Con 4 levels of nail-based escapism, and only one will do. Chanel’s long-wear nail colour will see you through days of unsatisfied wanderlust, giving you a boost every time you glance at the end of your arms. It’s all about the subconscious signals, and you’re subconsciously signalling that you’re in Thailand right now. £22, Feelunique


For those in need of a quick hit of British seaside glamour, either head to Margate – with its Dreamland arcade, proper fish ‘n’ chips and treasure trove second hand stores – or whack a load of aquamarine glitter over your nail colour of choice. We would opt for either green or blue, to really capture the WKD-swigging, Friday night pier-side vibes of yore. £4.74, EDGE Nails

Bondi beach

Ride The Wave Gel Nail Polish is made for surfers, whether they’re literally riding the waves, or just daydreaming about it. The long-lasting gel ensures your beach fantasy won’t fade, and when your nails catch the light, the slight shimmer is almost – ALMOST – the same as looking at the sun hitting the water. If the water was a nail. And the sun was… okay, you get the idea. £12.50, Sensationail


Need an immediate Instagram update? Oman boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world so it’s only fitting to replicate a bit of on-trend escapism with an on-trend nail. This Barry M matte top coat de-glosses any colour, so layer it over your smoothest ocean-tinted aquamarine, take a helfie (hand selfie, and yes we are sorry) and watch the likes roll in. £2.99 Superdrug

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