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Powerful eyes for the drabbest of skies

Nothing shrugs off dreary weather like a pair of luminous eyes


Galactic glare

Blast away all things grey with this kaleidoscopic 16-colour palette from NYX. These velvety rainbow-inspired tones will stick it to those skies in a single swipe, so next time the drizzle bites, emblazon your lids with a splash of neon – we guarantee it will make you feel lots less gloomy about all that wet. 

£16, NYX

Pretty in pink

Happy cuffing season! Does this mean that romance is in the air? Or on its way? Hello? *listens to echoes* Anyway, it’s a good excuse to p-p-pepper your peepers in all manner of pinks – such as the ones found in Net-a-Porter’s holy trinity of high romance: plum, millennial and blush – all housed in eco-friendly casing. 

£66, Net-a-Porter

Ice queen

Banish the frosty blues in a magical sort of way and make like a radiant mythical creature – YSL’s couture palette will dress your eyes up in satiny oceanic colour – we love these dreamy swishes of lake blues and shimmery greens.

£43, John Lewis

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