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Your overnight beauty salon

Masks, creams and balms you can sleep in


The moisturiser

“Surprisingly, I do actually have time to pamper myself in the day” said no one ever. But in your face, preposterously-frantic-schedule: Origins has concocted the night-time moisturiser of your dreams. The uber-rich formula will quench your parched epidermis (that’ll be the avocado and apricot oils) and repair your skin’s barrier too (thank you Japanese seaweed). £26.50, Origins

The nail varnish

Faces get all the limelight. But what about our poor nails? As a gesture of good faith, let your fingertips know you care with this overnight detox mask by Nails Inc. With ingredients including green tea and acai, just dab the regenerative treatment on at bedtime and let it work on repairing damaged cells. £15, Nails Inc

The hair masque

If there’s one part of our body that we feel particularly sorry for, it’s our hair. We put it through the wringer: bleach, topknots, straighteners… they know a pain like no other. Thankfully, Bumble and Bumble has tapped primrose for its soothing properties. This overnight repair mousse restores locks AND protects them from future damage. £40, Boots

The lip balm

Did someone say supple, smooth, springy lips? Someone certainly did, and that was Laneige. The brand’s silky soft leave-on lip mask uses vitamin C, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to lock moisture into lips, reduce their flakiness and make them feel like they would if anyone actually had time to exfoliate them. From £13.04, Yes Style

The facial

First, we scoffed at the price tag. Second, we got Allies of Skin’s overnight peel on our skin. Third, we thought “CRIKEY, THIS IS A GAMECHANGER!” Slick it on before bed and you’ll notice a difference by morning one. Much like a £100-a-pop facial, the peel reduces imperfections and encourages cell renewal – but all while you sleep. £110, Cult Beauty

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