How to make your time of the month kind of, okay

Tips to get you through your time of the month


The taboo on periods is breaking. Okay, not enough that we’ve stopped hiding tampons up our sleeve as we dash to the bathroom, using code words (we all have visiting aunts called Flo), or generally feeling ashamed of something that’s completely natural. But hey, baby steps. Since we know periods are tough, and not something easily discussed, here are some products and tips to keep you smiling, or at least close to not crying, when your time of the month rolls around.

Before you start

We’ve all sent out a desperate plea for ibuprofen to our female co-workers, clutching onto the sacred packet before downing two with the cold remainders of our tea. However, if your period is regular, you can prevent some menstrual pains by taking ibuprofen a few days before you start. Ibuprofen essentially stops your body from making pain receptors, and is an effective anti-inflammatory, so taking a dose beforehand can prevent cramping and other painful symptoms from even starting.

£3.29, Boots

Running out of pads or tampons is always fun isn’t it? Rushing out to the nearest supermarket, heading to the tiny selection available before piling up the overpriced packets at the checkout – it’s definitely the highlight of our week. Well no more. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box which delivers your choice of sanitary brand straight to your door, helping you avoid queues or even leaving your house.

That’s not all though, and to add some joy to those grim days, Pink Parcel packs each box with various goodies, from facemasks, makeup, tea and, yes, of course chocolate. A box full of treats when we’re feeling at our lowest? Yes please. For a chance to win a whole year’s subscription and get £5 off your first box, head to our Beauty Month competition here


If your womb feels like it’s throttling itself, and the rest of your body is along for the ride, there are solutions other than pain killers. Unlike most articles on relieving period pain, we’re not going to suggest doing some ‘gentle exercise’ - one because no one wants to do any kind of exercise when they’re bleeding, and two, we’re honestly not sure what ‘gentle exercise’ consists of. Instead, we’re going to recommend the easiest yoga pose of all time, Child’s Pose. It gently stretches and relieves tension in the back, shoulders and neck, while relaxing your body and in turn your mind. Ideal for relieving stubborn cramps. 

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Similar to cats bringing us juicy, half eaten mice, periods aren’t great when it comes to gift giving, especially when breakouts seem to be their present of choice. If you tend to get a little slicker at your time of the month, clay masks can be a godsend. L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask is cheap and cheerful, and great for breakouts, while Origin’s Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay gently exfoliates and gives you a luxurious, deep cleanse.

If you suffer from dry skin it’s tempting to simply pile on the moisturiser, but it’s important to soothing irritation with the right ingredients. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which can help repair tissue and aid in the production of collagen. Not only should you be eating it, but a good vitamin C serum, like Super Facialist’s Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Skin Serum, is a treat for unhappy skin. 

£26.50, Origins


You made it! And your body’s probably feeling a little kicked about. Treat yourself to a proper massage to sort out any aches and pain, while giving your mind some time to zone out. Privet Body in Kensington Park Road, provides ‘sprucing and beautification’ and has treatments ranging from £44.95-£84.95. Alternatively a long soak in a hot bath can help soothe sore muscles, especially with the addition of Epsom Salts, like Dr Teal’s lavender pack

If it’s your skin that’s in need of some TLC, opt for a gentle, soothing treatment to give it a gentle, restorative cleanse. We’re giving away four bundles from the award winning and cruelty-free, Urban Veda, which includes their Soothing Facial Polish and Radiance Night Cream. Made from Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and fruits, the natural products are perfect at gently restoring tired skin. 

£5.99, Amazon

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