Sorry, I’m washing my hair

How to make hair wash day more than just a get out clause


It’s the middle of the week. You bagged a coveted seat on the bus, and as you rest your head on the window you feel an undeniable layer of grease. Oh dear. There should be more friction there. Could be time for a hair wash.

But hair wash day can be kind of a pain, especially you can’t afford the luxury of a long, hot shower. There are ways to perk it up though, and here are some of our recommendations on how to make hair wash day something to look forward to.  

Sing your little heart out

Everyone, by law, should be gifted a shower speaker when they start work. After a day of screen glare, commuting manspreaders and Pret salads, singing (or humming quietly) in the shower is a joy we all deserve. There’s a decent range available, but ideally you need one with good Bluetooth connectivity, sound quality that doesn’t have a weird tinny edge, and a waterproof (not flimsy water resistant) finish. Connect to your phone, blast some sweet, sweet tunes and forget about that woman who stole your seat on the train home.

iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker, £29.99

Smell amazing

There’s been endless research conducted on the way smells affect our body and overall mood, with pretty unanimous results. Lavender relaxes us, citrus invigorates us, that kind of thing. It’s just science. So why would you not want products that smell good? Start with a fragrant wash, like Lush’s soothing Oaty Creamy Dreamy, which has a sleepy balance of lavender, chamomile, and rose water - and will generally make everything seem better. Then treat your locks something equally delightful, like the ‘smells so good you could eat it’ Macadamia Natural Oil shampoo. If nuts in your hair sounds like a damn fine idea, why not head to our competition page, where you can win a £100 bundle of their top products, including their Deep Repair Masque (more on masks below).

Lush, £5.95

Embrace nature

Sometimes you want a little company in the shower, it’s okay, no judgement here. But, if you’re lacking a willing partner to share your water with – just get a plant (basically the same thing). There are even household plants that thrive in bathroom conditions such as The Eternity plant (also called Fat Boy for some reason). Waxy leafed, and nigh impossible to kill, it thrives even in low light - ideal for windowless bathrooms. There’s also the stripy spider plant, which likes growing in small containers and can actually remove toxins from the air.

Patch, £25

Mask it up

Hair masks are those things we all know we should use. They soothe the scalp, help strands lock in moisture and tackle heat damage. But they’re kind of a faff, especially ones that involve long ‘processing’ times. For a quick and effective treatment, try the Intense Replenishing Mask from 72Hair. We left it in for just 2 minutes after shampooing and our hair felt utterly pampered. 

72Hair, £24.99

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