The best highlighters you need on your face

Sucker for strobing? We've picked the best highlighters to show off (or create) those cheekbones.


Subtle shimmer

NARS is arguably best known for its Orgasm blusher, and not just for the name, so it makes sense they’d nail highlighting too. Their Illuminator  in Copacabana is a light reflecting liquid that’s ideal for oily skin, and lightweight so it won’t block your pores. It also works on dark and lighter-skinned strobing fanatics alike; if you’ve got very pale skin,  there’ll be an added bronzing effect. Ideal for pasty winter months. £23, NARS

Strong glow

Sometimes you need serious, intense, shimmer. Sometimes you don’t want subtle. Maybe you’re going to a dark room, maybe you just want some drama - either way, Barry M’s Liquid Chrome is not messing about. Go easy for a natural look, but it won’t take much for cheekbones that are entering the room before you do. There are a number of different metallic colours for all faces, and the best thing? It’s just so cheap! £6.99, Barry M

barry m highlighter review

Creamy dream

When you don’t want powder highlighter, and you want a face you can still wear to work without knocking people over, Sensai Supreme Illuminator is your best bet. This is highlighting for adults: smooth, easy application with a flawless, flattering finish. If you were dating it, you could only go to Michelin star restaurants, if that illuminates things further? Pun intended. £39, Harrods 

Hollywood star

If you’re looking for any makeup product, you can bet Charlotte Tilbury has a superlative example. Her Hollywood Beauty Light Wand is no exception; suitable for all skin tones and dramatically dewy without cheap sparkle, this is the perfect way to do some serious strobing. It’s worth adding that the pigmentation on this is insane, but it still manages to look classy and natural. We are huge fans. £29, Charlotte Tilbury  

charlotte tilbury highlighter wand

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