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Listen, laugh and learn (a lot)

From sex after giving birth to self-pleasure, we round up our favourite podcasts to tune into for some enlightening listening


Laugh it off

Two New York-based female stand-ups and a no holds barred attitude to discussing sex? Sign us up! Guys We F**ked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast aims to change attitudes towards female sexuality one story at a time. Don’t miss the STOYA episode, where co-host Krystyna Hutchinson interviews the porn star her boyfriend used to date. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Basic biology

Vagina Dispatches is a podcast created by The Guardian to improve your genital knowledge, covering topics like what you should have learned in sex ed and the gender orgasm gap – all with the help of medical experts. We recommend giving The Vulva episode a listen - a no-nonsense discussion between a gynae, a labiaplasty surgeon and a trans woman to get to grips with what the vulva is really like.

Let’s talk periods

Ah, The Guilty Feminist, how do we love thee? In more ways than we can count here. Cleverly covering hard-hitting feminist issues with the best guests, there are several brilliant episodes on menstrual chat, featuring everything from period poverty to trialling Mooncups. Special mention also goes to the Orgasms episode featuring Alix Fox – more from her on ES later in the week.

Masturbation memo

TV presenter Cherry Healey has joined forces with journalists Anniki Sommerville and Lisa Williams for new podcast on the block, The Hotbed. There are only five episodes so far, but we’re sold on its humorous, open and non-cringey approach to discussing sex. The Dangerwank is an absolute corker – on self-pleasure and why menopausal women should masturbate.

Mums have sex, too

We’ve been fans of the Scummy Mummies’ frank, no-frills approach to what life as a mother is really like (i.e. nothing like those perfectly manicured profiles you see on Instagram) for a long time. The brutally-honest Sexpisode is all about intercourse after giving birth – a subject which doesn’t get enough airtime. Prepare yourself for some eye-opening details.

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