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Short films for your lunch break

The London Short Film Festival (LSFF) kicks off today. Can’t get there? Peruse five of our favourites from around the web instead


Starry-eyed surprise

No one has captured the plight of the disconnected, the bored and the wandering on screen quite like Sofia Coppola, so it would be an insult to the cinematic goddesses not to include Lick the Star (Coppola’s first ever film) here. It’s about a group of angsty high-school girls, it’s shot in 16mm film and it’s on YouTube now.

Essential viewing

In 2016, activist and model Adwoa Aboah travelled to Northern Uganda with photographer Felix Cooper to spend some time in the world’s largest refugee camp. Suarez is the result of that trip. The four-minute short captures the dissenting spirit of a 17-year-old refugee, Suarez, who arrives at the camp after losing her twin sister.

Adwoah Aboah Suarez

O, beware

Dear Mister Shakespeare
is one of the shorts we’re most excited to catch at this year’s LSFF. Written by Phoebe Boswell and directed by Shola Amoo, the British flick is a five-minute performative piece exploring racial themes in Shakespeare’s Othello while also considering the ways in which these tensions still resonate in today’s society. 

The girl who cried cat

Based on Paul Bowles’ 1980 short story, Kitty is actress Chloë Sevigny’s enchanting directorial debut. A whimsical tale about a little girl who turns into a cat, the coming-of-age narrative is a woozy ode to all things tender, awkward and surreal. A bit like the first two decades of our existence. It’s 15 minutes of magic to accompany your lunchtime Pret.   

Kitty short film

Pause for thought

If you’re looking for a charming and stereotype-obliterating watch (when are we not?), click play on Alice Seabright’s Pregnant Pause. This humdinger of a mini-movie has been screened at festivals the globe over and follows a young woman who learns she might be pregnant. The indecision and pragmatism that follows is frank, relatable and actually, quite funny.

pregnant pause short film

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