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Get the look: Spice World edition

What we really, really want


Zigazig ah

Let’s be honest, we all dream of wearing Scary’s kit to Studio 54 (if we could a) time travel and b) pull it off). But if you think her wardrobe choices in Spice World were too much of everything, we found the one that isn’t. Okay, it’s still a zebra-print catsuit but – stay with us – with just a tiny stretch of the imagination, you can absolutely pull this off. Lavish Alice’s sleeveless tailored print jumpsuit (£40) is close enough – and it’s on sale.


Take it or leave it

Although Geri’s camo jacket with camo cargo pants and a camo headband might be a bit camo overkill *argh* for day-to-day wear (unless you are actually trying to camouflage yourself, obviously), you can still get some quality inspiration here. This Asos slip dress (£25) is like an artist’s impression of camouflage (i.e. totally wearable over a white tee, with boots). And, if in doubt, try this embroidered T-shirt (£15.99, Zara) with black jeans.


Stop right now

If Posh taught us one thing about investment party wear, it’s that you either go for simple and black, or full metal bauble levels of eye-catching. In the film, she wears a gold mini dress – and matching jacket! – shortly before the gang are joined by some visiting aliens (we can only assume they were drawn by the glow?). This House of Harlow midi number (£135.58) has Victoria vibes all over it, and we’re into it.


Always be mine

Baby Spice’s love for a knee-high platform boot knew NO BOUNDS. She wore them in white, silver, blue, pink, purple, sequin – and when she didn’t have a knee-high boot she wore a knee-high sock instead. While we can all admire that devotion to one very distinctive style of shoe, this toned-down ankle version from Steve Madden (£85, Asos) is infinitely more practical, even though it is velvet. Match it with this Claudie Pierlot checked dress (£260) and, ideally, a plastic swing.


Slam it to the left

You’ll remember Sporty Spice for her Kappa poppers and incredible ponytails. But in Spice World she got to slip on some different threads and our absolute favourite is this achingly trendy cropped tank and smart trouser combo. You can always trust Urban Outfitters to deliver; just look at this colour-blocked half-zip ribbed number (£34). It’s brave, but pair it with these lovely floaty smart trousers from Whistles (£129) and no one will notice that your top half woke up in 1997.

Spice World: The Movie screenings are popping up all over the UK tonight; find your nearest one here

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