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In-between shoes for in-between weather

These mid-heel shoe fulfill our wildest most comfortable dreams


Weave it

Not exclusively for baskets, straw hats and unimaginative garden furniture: woven shoes are also now a thing. And quite a nice, summery thing too. This neutral pair from Finery look casual but they’re actually woven from satin *dies*, so you can add them to a low-key outfit and feel instantly a bit more dressed up (even when you’re battling with desert levels of heat on the commute). £89, Finery London

Ruby slippers

These simple red mid-heel courts are everything we love about warm weather shoe-wearing. Pair them with jeans, pair them with cigarette pants, pair them with simple summer dresses… To sum things up here, vegan leather gods Matt & Nat have created 2018’s most wearable spring/summer shoe and we applaud them one-handed while clicking “Add to bag” with the other. £85, Matt & Nat

Spotted it

Mules can be divisive creatures. Some people swear by them (warm toes, cool heels… such balance!), others can’t stand the sound they make when walking down escalators. We can’t settle this argument, but we can introduce you to Whistles’ delicious leopard print versions, which are the ideal replacement for those trusty printed boots you wore all autumn, winter and the best part of spring. £115, Whistles

The bootie

Alright, these are technically more “boots with the back cut out” than “shoes”, but who cares? Picture the scene: you wake up to the sound of April showers, you pull on the same jeans and white shirt combination you wore all through the endless winter and reach for your black boots, AGAIN, when… Nuh uh honey! You’ve got THESE Topshop blinders to keep your toes dry instead. £59, Topshop

Off white

Oh Office, you do know how to show a woman a good shoe. These grey slingbacks are light, bright and will look absolutely banging with all the midi skirts you have been carefully curating in your wardrobe for the past year. There’s also something pleasingly fanciful about wearing a pair of heels called “Magical Bow Slingbacks”. £66, Office

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