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Leaf-stomping, rain-stopping boots

We love wellies, but we don’t want to wear them to the office. Here are our favourite halfway-hybrids


On the block

Realistically, we’re more likely to see a wet Christmas than we are a white one. But why not prepare for both? These sturdy waterproof numbers from Canadian snow experts Sorel are made with a combination of felt, wool, and premium leather – all the warm stuff – and will fit right into your going-home-for-the-holidays capsule wardrobe. Was £150, now £105, Asos

Asos Sorel winter snow boots

Get a grip

These biker boots from Office have a chunky cleated sole that will cling to pavements like a desperate toddler on the first day of nursery, so you can rush around all season without stacking it. Pair with black jeans and a colourful knit (and a baker boy hat if you want to embrace all of winter 2017’s trends at once) for the cosy pub-going outfit every one of us needs. £80, Office

Snug and smug

Yes, these lovely taupe boots do have a heel. A small heel, but a heel nonetheless, which is going to compromise your traction over icier terrain. Still, they are *definitely* smart enough for work (just look at that diamante trim on the welts, look at it!) and will do a top-notch job of keeping your calves snug. Ones to wear on those blustery days, rather than the icy ones. £99.99, Zara

Power walking

You may have bypassed the angsty teenage phase, opting instead for bedroom and book isolation (quick show of hands at the Emerald Street office – yep, all of us). If that means you also bypassed the stompy, lace-up boots phase – wear them now! These boots, from Beyond Skin are fully vegan, fully snug, and fully badass, but will also look excellent with a floaty dress come festival season. £135, Beyond Skin

What a wellie

Hunter’s actual Wellington boots are generally the chicest of the bunch, but who knew they made non-wellie boots this stylish?! These riding boots are made with natural rubber and a rather daring flash of red in the heel. Technically designed for proper equestrian pursuits, they also look rather darn fetching on alternative modes of transport, i.e. the number 29 bus route. £175, Hunter

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