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Like accessories, but better

Ingenious recycled and sustainable pieces that are totally wearable.


Hold the rainbow

How neat are these Paperthinks coin purses? They’re made from recycled leather, using the off-cuts and trimmings that are usually wasted in other leather manufacturing processes, and no damaging chemicals are used when they’re coloured. If you’re more of a full-sized cards-and-all wallet gal, they have a range of those too – in yet more colours – so you can knock yourself out (sustainably). From £15, Paperthinks

Open your eyes

Not only does every pair of Pala sunglasses sold help support projects in Africa offering eye care to those who need it most, but the cases they come in are created from discarded and recycled plastic bags by the weavers of Bolgatanga. It’s a double whammy; a triple if you count that the glasses also happen to be damn cool. There’s a huge range of styles, but the pink, marbled Zola feels SO right this spring. £75, Pala Sunglasses

To the rescue

We never realised a bag made from a recycled fire hose could be quite so… attractive. Since 2005, Elvis & Kresse have been rescuing decommissioned London Fire Brigade fire hoses that used to end up at the dump. Now, they’ve become bags, wallets and purses in a huge range of styles and colours (with 50% of profits going to the Fire Fighters Charity). Our current favourite is the mustard yellow tote. £230, Elvis & Kresse

In good time

Super-chic ethical brand MAM specialise in clean, contemporary and sustainable wrist-watches made from the finest recycled teak, ebony and grey maple hardwood. Designed using the “golden ratio” for accuracy, their new 36mm range boasts the thinnest wooden watches on the market – meaning they’re lightweight and incredibly comfortable. Sold. Was £89, now £79, MAM Originals

Beached beauty

We’d like to actively encourage you all to give beachcoming a go – you may find actual treasure, but even if all you get is a washed-up sandal you’ll be able to clean your local beach in the process. Kerry Hughes of Beachcomber jewellery is a masterful shore forager, recycling the sea glass and metal she finds into delicate rings, bracelets and pendants. These simple linked earrings are divine. £40, Beachcomber Jewellery

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