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Pyjamas for dreamers

Where do your best night-time wanderings transport you? These PJs will take you there


The artist

Leonardo da Vinci once reportedly said that “art is never finished, only abandoned”. Well, Leo, that’s exactly how we feel about sleep. Great minds, eh? We feel every inch the tortured artist when swanning around the gaff in these gloriously comfortable Piglet in Bed PJs, and if Da Vinci were around today he’d be gagging to know where we got them. £69.70, Piglet in Bed

The country singer

When it comes to our infamous Tennessee Mountain Home sleepovers it’s strictly BYOB (bring your own banjo). We used to provide them ourselves, but someone kept nicking them and we had to put some rules in place; there’s only so many banjos a girl can buy before things get suspicious. There’ll also be complimentary homemade moonshine. Dress code? This checked night shirt from Curvissa. £22, Curvissa

The tennis player

With Wimbledon a mere moment away, we’ve upped our fitness regime. We’re eating eight small bowls of strawberries and cream at carefully calculated intervals throughout the day and watching Piers Morgan shows, because they make us scream and throw things at the TV, and arm strength and stamina are vital. All training done in this lovely Nightire set. £50, Nightire

The pet detective

When it comes to being a pet detective, the highs are high but the lows can be truly crushing. Take last week for example, one minute we’re sprawled out on South Beach, tanning it up, and the next we’re running all over town looking for a rogue dolphin. At least we had this deliriously slinky Desmond and Dempsey number for company. All righty then! £85, Desmond and Dempsey

The fashion-forward Jedi

Don’t get us wrong, Luke’s great ‘n all, but sometimes he shows up to work in the most hideous outfits. Like, come on mate, is a motheaten brown shawl really an appropriate thing to wear to a meeting with the Galactic Senate? We keep our robes bright and flowery, like this absolute blinder from Anthro. £78, Anthropologie

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