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British liquor for valiant women

The UK is knocking up (and back) some truly lovable liquor


Make like a tree

Inspired by Freya, the Norse goddess of love and life, this might just be the cleanest tasting spirit we’ve ever got our taste buds on. Distilled from the sap of Nordic birch trees that is harvested every spring, it is fermented in handmade copper pots in good old Blighty. Once you’ve got over the novelty of drinking a tree sap spirit, you’ll find it blends rather delightfully with tonic. 

£37.41, Master of Malt

Plush sipping

Velvet by name, velvet by nature, the Chardonnay grapes found in Vintage Velvet Vodka are harvested from an award-winning vineyard in England. The spirit’s tantalising sugar beet base is sourced in East Anglia, then granulated and dissolved in local spring water before being twice distilled. Indulgent, warm and almost buttery to the taste, it’s voddy at its very best. 

£43.33, The Drink Shop

Fire in the hole

Make yours a whisky. Or, more precisely, an English Whisky Co. whisky. Carefully concocted in their Norfolk distillery and aged in ex-Bourbon casks for three years, a mere whiff of their creamy Chapter 9 batch will snuggle your cockles – and as for an actual sip – well, quite frankly, it’s the best antidote to winter chills we’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in our gob. £45.55, The Whisky Exchange

Devotion potion

Ah, rum. The rich, golden – ahem – love juice that’s behind a million raunchy beach romps, this also fares fantastically well come glacial weather. Blast away the gloom with a spicy sip of Premium Harrogate Rum. Rich, seductive, ace even on the rocks and made from locally sourced ingredients – embrace your inner Blackbeard and tuck into these complex flavours. Yo-ho-ho. 

£30; Harrogate Tipple

The Wild West

Far from the bootlace-flavoured shots we spent many a teenage Friday night scoffing down the local dodgy night-spot, this small batch English sambuca hails from the English Spirit Distillery and has been made in combination with an elderflower eau de vie (once considered impossible in English climes). Best served super-chilled as a digestif, its sweet, silky notes are a million miles from the sickly tipples of our youth.

 £35, Yumbles

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