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Your desk, the diner

Sometimes it seems like life is just a never-ending procession of desk lunches. Come, cry on our shoulder. Then enjoy these marvelous finds, destined to make th


Make Space

We’ve spent one morning too many with our head stuffed in the fridge, rummaging for space among our colleagues’ packed lunches. But the dog days are officially over thanks to Black and Blum! This chic thermos pot keeps food hot OR cold for up to five hours, so you can store your lunch on your desk instead. £23.99, Moores Coleraine

Roasty toasty

You’ve just brewed a lovely cuppa and you can’t wait to enjoy the absolute heck out of it. But nope. Scratch that. You’ve actually been dragged into another meeting. Fab. Not all is lost, though. Just whip this Mustard cup warmer into your USB port and it’ll keep your bev nice and cosy while you’re away. £15, John Lewis

We are Bey

We still like to think that Beyoncé was signing about real hot sauce in Formation. And much like the queen herself, we like to keep a little bottle at arms reach at all times, because there are few things on this earth that cannot be made more delicious with a dash of Tabasco. At absolutely no point in time do these adorable little bottles leave our desk. £5.99, Selfridges

Tweet tweet

Always stashing tiny sachets of salt and pepper in your drawer for seasoning-based emergencies? No more, friends! Quail’s spectacular love bird salt and pepper shakers will a) be there for you when faced with a bland veg pot and b) make your heart burst with joy. They also have the added benefit of looking like tiny ornaments. £25, Liberty

Bottoms up!

Let’s start giving Friday drinks the respect they deserve. No more cracking them open on the edge of a table, or worse yet, using your teeth *shudders*. Pry them open lovingly with this GLORIOUS marble bottle opener from Oliver Bonas. Now, imbibe to your heart’s content. Or until your boss tells you to go home. £14, Oliver Bonas

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