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Flip-side bedding

Instant bedroom upheaval with the mere shake of a duvet


Souqs you

We’re finally far enough out of the Gossip Girl era that we can look at paisley without picturing Chuck Bass’s ties. And so, to JD Williams – a soft ecru on one side, a dusty red paisley on the other. Red in the bedroom can be a bit come-hither-to-my-sex-dungeon at times, but this is much more on the side of a five-star Moroccan hotel. From £15, JD Williams

Connect the dots

Look, we’ll stop going on about house plants when they stop being so excellent. George’s bedding set here is illustrated with all the botanical babes we so desperately try to nurture. On the other side? It’s hundreds and thousands of monochrome dots, the like of which you haven’t seen since your analogue telly gave you the white noise treatment. Weirdly pleasing. From £10, George at Asda

Mint condition

Not everyone likes pattern, and that’s okay (we say, while wearing florals, stripes and polka dots all at once). But even the most committed minimalist can still have multitasking soft furnishings.’s Solar range comes in four colour pairings – mustard and mist grey is very 2018, but the fresh combination of teal and mint will make you feel like you’re floating in the Aegean. From £39,

What a turn up

Turndown service basically means someone comes and flips over a corner of your duvet for you, right? May as well make it interesting if you plan to treat yourself to the same service at home. One side of Dunelm’s set is a soft blue botanical wonderland and then HELLO YELLOW on the reverse. Now, where’s that chocolate on the pillow got to? From £18, Dunelm

Double cross

Who says monochrome gals can’t have as much interiors fun as their more colour-loving pals? This duvet cover by Nomads has two very different sides – one is a thoroughly modern cross-splattered pattern that is definitely on your Pinterest board somewhere, while the other is much bolder and braver and looks especially good teamed with a wooden bedframe. From £60, Bohzaar

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