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Period products that go further

Just a few things you and your vagina should know about


Think green

Dame are a new brand trying to reduce the plastic waste that comes from tampon use. How? By putting an end to the disposable applicator. The brand teamed up with medical engineers to develop a nifty reusable tampon applicator that’s as hygienic as it is comfortable. It’s due to hit the market properly in July, but you can back it on Kickstarter now. 

Flexi time

Flex is a tampon alternative which launched in the UK at the end of 2017. It’s a bit like a menstrual cup (it collects fluid rather than absorbing it) but sits higher in your vaginal canal – which means you can have sex while wearing one. Not only can it stay in place for up to 12 hours, Flex reckons 70% of its customers experienced less cramping when using it. £13 for trial box of 24, Flexfits

There’s more to it

We’re into the idea of a subscription box that saves us from dashing to the corner shop halfway through a new episode of Jessica Jones. But as well as delivering your personal supply of organic sanitary stuff each month, Freda donates products and a portion of profits to organisations that tackle period poverty, like Bloody Good Period in the UK and KiliPads in Tanzania. From £6.99 per month, Freda

Nice knickers

Familiar with that creeping sensation that always seems to happen in the gym, on the bus or in a meeting when you must clench your pelvic floor for DEAR LIFE before hot-footing it to the nearest available loo? Try Thinx. Their period pants feature an absorbent and leak-resistant section made with antimicrobial cotton. From approx. £17.28, 

The multitasker

This nifty gynaecologist-designed newcomer is hoping to be your all-in-one alternative on the days when only a tampon and a liner will do. Named the Tampliner (obvs), it’s an organic cotton tampon and mini-liner in one, connected via a breathable “virtual” applicator. Confused? Here’s a vid to show you how it works. £8 for 16,

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