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Free workshops to hone your hobbies

We got skills, they're multiplying


What a yolk

Even now, our stomachs feel a little shell-shocked from all the cheese and wine of the festive season. The first of Yolk’s (many, and varied) free workshops this year – in partnership with Bumble – will be a session on making your own gut-loving tonics. With the author of Tonic, Tanita de Rujit, at the helm, you’ll go home with head full of warming winter recipes. 23 Jan; Beaumont Organic

And breathe

Galleries are great for your cultural brain, but they can help to improve your everyday mental health, too. Manchester Art Gallery now run a series of wellbeing workshops which encourage you to switch off; through drawing, guided tours or meditation. You may start seeings things in a new way. Throughout the year; Manchester Art Gallery

Get grubby

Have you spent hours gazing wistfully at all the street food traders who travel around the region, wishing that one day you too could harness your foodie talents and feed the masses? Ask the masters for some advice at GRUB’s new trader workshop on Monday. They’ll talk through everything from menu design to social media. 15 Jan; Fairfield Social Club

Big ideas

We always trust MadLab to educate and inspire, and now they’ve partnered with Big Ideas Generators to run a few workshops you’ll find them across Greater Manchester. We like the sound of the introduction to 3D printing, but elsewhere you’ll find that BIG can teach you how to drive more traffic to your website, or even how to forge a career in comedy. 19 Jan; Wigan Library

Bit on the side

If you’ve mastered a fancy skill, you may find yourself with clay pots/tapestries/knitted hats piling up. Want to turn talent into a side hustle? Good news, friend – there’s a workshop for that, too! Led by Nicola Rowlands, the event will help you to get started on Etsy, including photography, branding, and pricing. 26 Jan; Tameside Central Library

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