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Most stuff coming out of Chorlton’s ovens is gluten-free, vegan, and full of hemp (we’re kidding, Chorlton. Kind of.) But out of Emma Benyon’s oven come beautiful, geometric clay necklaces (like this, her favourite, £15 from Etsy). A graphic designer by trade, she only started O’Clay in March, but takes a lot of time choosing colour combinations for her pieces (she says they’ll get darker as winter rolls in). You can find her jewellery in Porter + Cole and at various Makers Markets.

Manchester-based jeweller O'Clay

Cube, cubed

Inspired by the minimalism and functionality of Nordic design (aren’t we all?), Jenny Maxwell of Nordic Muse spent 16 years in fashion retail before launching her range of jewellery. This three-cube necklace (£12, Nordic Muse) is an old favourite of hers that’s stuck around for three seasons, with good reason, but we also love her geometric marble pieces. And it’s all so reasonably priced that we can’t promise you won’t go and buy one of everything now.

Manchester-based jeweller Nordic Muse

Puppet strings

This necklace (£50, Craft and Design) looks like it’s been snapped straight from the ceiling of St Peter’s Basilica – and that’s sort of the point. Amy Wilkinson makes her Baroque-inspired collection from the shared workshop Studio One, located in the Manchester Craft & Design Centre. And that’s not all she does. She also uses her metalwork skills to make animation puppet armatures for Mackinnon & Saunders. Hands that craft Postman Pat *and* pairs of earrings – such skill!

Manchester-based jeweller Amy Wilkinson

Industry expert

Nailing the artsy-but-not-too-artsy brief is Katie Jones. The owner of KatieBetty always has balance in mind when she’s making these geometric pieces, with earrings, rings, and necklaces in her arsenal. This piece (£16, Etsy) is a classic example: “It’s bold scale with minimal forms, it’s delicate peach against grey and industrial brass,” she says. It’s beautiful, is what we say. We’d like to channel our inner Danish art dealer and wear it with a simple but spectacular black shift dress.

Manchester-based jeweller KatieBetty

Buddy lovely

Selina Campbell makes her jewellery bespoke, in silver, gold, with and without stones, contemporary and classic… but also makes a gorgeous range of ready-to-wear pieces. Like this leafy little number (£45), which she says is made from oxidised sterling silver and designed to be reminiscent of growing plant life. It’s statement jewellery for grown-ups – noticeably lovely without being neon. We view this as a gateway necklace between wear-once-lose-it costume jewellery and buy-something-to-wear-every-single-day investment jewellery. Baby steps.

Manchester-based jeweller Selina Campbell

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