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We want to thank you


We want to say thank you for sticking around…

We at Emerald Street really value our community of readers, and we love sharing our exciting finds with you every day. To thank you for reading we’ve created the Emerald Street Loyalty Club, a new scheme which rewards our most dedicated subscribers with access to a whole range of exclusive offers, events and promotions. And how do you get access to all those goodies? By following these three simple steps… 

How it works


You’ll find Emerald Street in your inbox every morning. The more emails you open, the better your chances of getting exclusive access to our exciting events and offers.


By clicking on the links you like, we get a better idea of what you enjoy seeing in Emerald Street emails, bringing you closer to unlocking those exclusive goodies.               

Stick Around

The longer you stay subscribed to Emerald Street, the higher your loyalty rating. Stick around, and you’ll be first in the queue for all that exclusive good stuff.

Loyalty Level

Every time you open one of our emails, you’ll be able to see just how high your loyalty rating is. If you’re at Level 5, congratulations! There’s some exciting things coming your way. Level 1? We’ve all got to start somewhere. Just remember, your rating can go down as well as up, so keep opening and clicking, and you’ll get access to our exclusive events and offers in no time.

Past loyalty events              

We hate to say it, but so far you’ve missed out on some crackers, from Sake tasting at Sakagura to free tickets to The Other Art Fair, via a private Espresso Martini party at Jason Atherton’s Blind Pig bar. But don’t worry, we have some very exciting treats in the pipeline.

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