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We're still in the UK?

Mind-blowing landscapes right here on the British Isles


Glow your own

Sure, you could go all the way to New Zealand to see some spectacular glow-worm caves. Or, you could save yourself 24 hours of travel and head to Jersey instead. Turns out the island’s shores are a veritable hotbed for these luminous little critters. The best way to feast your eyes? A guided evening walk across the best bioluminescent beaches, courtesy of Jersey Walking Adventures.

Beach life

Is it the Caribbean? Is it the Amalfi Coast? No, it’s Kynance Cove in our very own Cornwall! Head two miles north of Lizard Point to discover it in all its glisten-y glory. White sand beaches? Tick. Brilliant turquoise waters? Hello. This is everything you want from a beach, without the extortionate airfare ticket, and we highly recommend chowing down on Cornish pasties, crab sandwiches and cream teas at the eco café there. Delish.

Fairytale forests

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a Druid-shaped ghost surprise. Local legend has it that Wistman’s Wood in Devon is the most haunted place on Dartmoor. It’s easy to believe – this high-altitude oakwood really is the stuff of torch-lit yarns regaled at childhood sleepovers. Think moss-encrusted boulders, tangles of lichen-covered trees and, fingers crossed, a few unicorns. No promises.

Here there be giants

According to legend, the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland was built by a giant called Finn in a challenge to a rival. According to science, it was formed by waves of lava cooling when they reached the sea 50–60 million years ago. Whatever you believe, this is a spectacular natural wonder best viewed from the five mile clifftop walk, which starts at the ruins of Dunseverick Castle and ends at the Causeway.

Sandcastles in the sky

Granted there’s no need for a dune buggy here, but the grassy Camber sand dunes in East Sussex still capture that otherworldly quality. Minus that pesky desert stuff. Just over an hour by train from London, the seven-mile beach is the perfect place to up your Instagram game – those sand patterns are just begging to be snapped, people.

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