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Here, meet your soul mat

Yoga mats for shape-shifters. We tried them all.


Choose comfort

When your instructor tells you to, “slowly rock-and-roll your way back to seated”, can you *hear* each vertebrae thudding along the floor? You probably need a bit more padding. Manduka’s 5mm eKO Mat is lovely and spongy, so it’ll break your fall if your headstand gets a bit too wobbly, but still provides you with a solid base. Bonus – it’s made from eco-friendly natural tree rubber. Shavasana naps, incoming. £75.99, Manduka

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat reviewed

Worth it

You might think £100 is a lot of money to spend on a yoga mat. And it is. But if you apply pound-per-wear logic (works for expensive coats, right?), you only need to practice on this Liforme mat 100 times to get your money’s worth. It’s so tough, it’ll probably be vinyasa-ing longer than you will. That pattern, aside from looking sexy, is designed to help your alignment. If you’re a serious yogi, this is the one. £100, Liforme

Liforme yoga mat reviewed

Stick around

There’s a reason you see the Yogamatters Sticky Mat in just about every studio in the world. They’re not spendy, and they come in an excellent range of colours. This is the best value for money mat we can find that can also support your downward-facing dog (others had our hands slowly sliding forward until we were in a downward-facing Dachshund). £17, Yogamatters

Yogamatters sticky yoga mat reviewed

Tree hugger

Yogi Bare (great name) have designed this mat with heat in mind, combining a standard rubber mat with a microfiber towel top layer to absorb all the, erm, *glow* that drips from you as you flow. The palm print is very 2017, and it even folds up to about the size of a laptop, so it’ll fit into your tote bag. The best bit? It’s machine washable. £39.99, Yogi Bare

Yogi Bare Teddy palm print hot yoga mat reviewed

An upgrade

Does the thought of putting your cheek down on a hired studio mat creep you out? One that has already had hundreds of other cheeks (face and bums) on it? It probably will, now we’ve put it like that. Although a little too lightweight for a yin class (think of your knees!), the Lululemon Reversible (Un) Mat is SO portable, and so remarkably grippy, you can whack it on top of the studio’s existing equipment. £42, Lululemon

Lululemon (Un)Mat travel yoga mat reviewed

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