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What is going on Down There?

There's an app for that


Clinically approved

This is the one everyone’s talking about. Once Elina Berglund was done with finding the Higgs boson, she went on to create Natural Cycles. All you need to do is take your temperature in the morning, and the app will tell you where you are in your cycle and whether or not you’re fertile. It claims to be more effective than the pill. From £3.35/month, thermometer included on a yearly plan

Emojis and emotions

Flo is a good-looking app – they’ve put serious care into designing this. It’s a simple one to operate, and you can log things like mood (from frisky to panicky), symptoms (cramps, acne, bloating, all the fun stuff), and sexual activity. Plus, if you do get pregnant, you get to activate ‘pregnancy mode’, which sounds rather superhero-like. Free, Apple and Android

In it together

“Your sex positive squad” reads the opening page of the Eve app. This one does a great job of reminding you that everyone’s body is a bit mad. There’s a community section where users can chat about what’s going on, a cyclescope (basically a horoscope, but period and hormone-specific), and you can log sex (with/without condom, with/without penis), symptoms, and flow (with levels right up to ‘crime scene’). Free, Apple and Android

Clouds are gathering

With Clue, you log your bleeding, pain, emotions, sleep, sex, and energy levels – then, after a while, your calendar will give you a rough idea of what’s in store for your day. Angry clouds on the calendar? Oh good, it’s PMS time. Blue star? You’re ovulating. You can even share your cycle with someone else, if you’re curious to know *exactly* how in sync you are with your flatmate. Free, Apple and Android

Bluetooth baby

Today’s edition of apps-we-didn’t-know-we-needed-but-now-really-want comes from First Response. Why use a supermarket own-brand pregnancy test when you could use a Bluetooth one that syncs to your phone? While you await your results, you can click ‘entertain me’ and the app will show some kittens (got to be better than the bathroom wall). The sticks themselves are only available in the US, but they’re heading to the UK soon, and the app is a handy period and ovulation tracker in the meantime. Free, Apple and Android

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